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Cleaning agents and equipment


We use only Eco-Friendly and completely biodegradable cleaning agents protecting natural water resources the essence of life.

ECO CLEAN Cleaning agents

    • 100% biodegradable

    • Plant-based ingredients

    • Organic and Vegan

    • Allergy-friendly

    • Without dyes and preservatives                                                                    

We provide professional press mopp system Vileda Ultra Speed Pro.

Compared to current mopp systems, the UltraSpeed Pro flat mopping system outperforms them in every aspect.


• Hygienic – no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
• Efficient press - releases up to 50% more water

• Faster wringing - simple to use and twice as fast
• Floors dry faster – reduce slip hazards
• Ergonomic – lightweight, no bending to wring



Living & Sleeping

We use color coding system for microfiber cloths and sponges.


 It means that we provide separate microfiber cloths for each area together with suitable cleaning agents.

Blue colour for Bathrooms
Green colour for Kitchen
Pink colour for Living and Sleeping area


Cleaning routines

We use cleaning caddy which lets us keep clean cloths separate from used ones


We use single use gloves and disinfect hands before and after each

cleaning session


All cleaning cloths, mops, sponges are washed in 90°C after each cleaning session.


We clean and disinfect our equipment after and between each cleaning session.



Except standard cleaning checklist we additionally offer disinfecting high-touch surfaces like: light switches, door knobs, bathroom fittings, toilets etc.

Desinfection agents contains 70% alkohol

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