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why CHOOSE  Eco Clean 

  • High quality

  • Always reliable cleaners 

  • We use only Eco-Friendly completely biodegradable cleaning agents 

  • Professional cleaning methods, equipment and expertise

  • Officially approved Cleaning Company

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See what is included in our standard cleaning and which additional services you can add.

Home Cleaning

 standard package

Living Room

All areas

• Dust available horizontal surfaces of                 cabinets, window sills, light fixtures etc.

• Wipe down table-top surfaces

• Wipe mirrors

• Vacuum couches and armchairs

• Vacuum floors/carpets/stairs

• Mop floors and stairs using

   professional press mop system




• Clean mirrors

• Clean and polish sinks and fittings

• Wipe countertop and cabinet fronts

• Clean and dry shower cabin/bathtub

• Clean toilets

• Empty trash bins if you wish

Modern Kitchen


  • Clean kitchen countertops

  • Clean and dry sink and stove

  • Wipe stains from cabinet fronts 

  • Wipe outside of kitchen appliances

  • Wipe stains from wall tiles/glass

  • Wipe down table-top surface

  • Wipe down/vacuum chair seats

  • Empty trash bins if you wish



Additional Tasks


• Ironing

• Making beds

• Changing bed linens 

• Window cleaning

   (inside up to 2 m height)

   Other services after agreement

Plus Package

Is recommended during initial cleaning and then few times per year and includes: 


  • Vacuum baseboard

  • Dust picture frames and other things  on the walls etc.

  • Wash window sills

  • Wipe light switches/doors/door           knobs/door glass/stair handrails 

  • Wipe cabinets/cabinet glass and drawers outside

  • Other services after agreement



For me is a pleasure to give a feedback on your cleaning services at my home when I was in Stavanger, what I can say I felt that I was always dealing with a trustworthy people, professional for the services and ready to accommodate my simple requests.    


Thanks a lot for the collaboration at my place.

Giuseppe R. Stavanger


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